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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Whats wrong: Part 1

So over the next couple of days or so I am going to go over what is wrong with the car.  Then at the end I am going to add poll and ask what I should work on first.  So the first problem that I have is that there is a major grinding in the right front.  It started with the car pulling majorly to the right.  I was going to get the alignment checked but the car is so low to the ground and I couldn't find anyone with a lift that could lift my car so I didn't get one.  After about a couple of months it started grinding so I had to go get a loan to buy a used car.  At this point I think it may need a CV shaft rebuild kit.  Which isn't that hard to do.  Plus all the work that I will be doing to the car I will be doing it myself.

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TK said...

If you hear grinding in the front and it is also pulling to the right, you may want to check out the passenger brake caliper and make sure the brakes aren't dragging. Get a low profile racing jack while you are at it so you can get that sucker in the air.

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