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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Reason

So I never really went over the reason why I chose a CRX.  One is that the insurance is really cheap.  My insurance payment was about 85 bucks a month with my given record.  Two is that parts are really easy to come by.  I mean I can almost go to any junk yard and pick up any used part from almost any Honda from the late 80's and it will be interchangeable.  Three is it gets really good gas mileage.  I get about 32 MPG which I think is pretty good. And last and definitely not least is that it can be customized to the max.  There are many other reasons but those are my top four.


Deso said...

I've never been a Honda fan, but I'm glad to see it's not a Civic at least.

TheGoon said...

don't know too much about cars..but my jeep gets about 15 mpg, so im sold on 32

Luis said...

yeah, good choice for inefficiency. I think I want an acura though :P

Watchful Cat said...

Those are all solid reasons (:

Anonymous said...

Hondas are good cars. I don't know why everyone gives them crap. Sure, they don't have as much power as American cars, but they're built better (everything in Japan is built better), they're cheaper, and they have better fuel efficiency.

Jonathan said...

32MPG is pretty good for a car, although some are getting 50+

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